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Pecorino, Tor Del Colle, Casa Vinicola Botter 2021


The company, Casa Vinicola Botter spa, was born as a retailer in 1928 in the Veneto region for sales of wines in casks and demi-johns to restaurants and small retailers. Now run by the third generation and from their roots in Veneto they have a portfolio of wines produced in some of Italy’s finest regions. Botter pride themselves on their focus of sustainability, going beyond reducing emissions, production of waste and non-renewable energy usage and taking a responsible approach for the whole production chain.

Tasting Notes

The wine is made protectively to preserve the fresh fruit character. A crisp and fresh Pecorino from Abruzzo; lemon-green in colour. The bouquet is pronounced with intense notes of white pulped fruits, blossom and complexity given by exotic fruits. The palate is dry with a zesty citrus acidity and notes of white peach, pear and green apples. The wine has a well-balanced structure supported by good acidity with a long and persistent finish.


Serve with summer salads, light fish or chicken dishes.

Alc 13% Cork

Pecorino, Tor Del Colle, Veneto 2021 'Fresh, easy drinking white'

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